Rehoming advice


Sep 26, 2018
As I posted a few months ago I have to rehome my perkin ducks. I have two a year old both female. I finally found a new home with someone I actually know yay!!! However I’m so sad and nervous for them. Can you tell me is their readjustment easy They will have each other, their house and pool and water bowels etc... I hate for them to be upset but most of time they could care less if I’m around unless they are hungry or giving new pool water? They will also be the only two where going so won’t be introduced to new flock. Anyone ever had to do this or be the one who took others in?
Do you know the people your giving them too. And are they familiar with ducks. That can help ease your mind. When I’ve rehomed I always print out a care sheet if they’ve never had ducks before. But if they give them a nice place feed them well and keep them safe they should adjust fairly well. They’ll be confused for a week until they get use to their new place hopefully they will have a fenced in area for them along with the house to make sure they don’t walk off because they will be confused to where home Is at first.

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