Rehoming Mareks Carriers

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    Unfortunately, my flock have been infected with mareks. The disease has been running its course since August and my chickens have been staying very strong. I've only lost 5/40 to the disease and everyone's quality of life is still up. I was instructed by my vet to put them all down but I just couldn't do it. They all are named and are my little babies. I have a problem, though. I will be traveling to Argentina for 8 weeks this summer to study abroad and I need to rehome all my chickens. By summer, all my chickens that are still alive will likely to have built complete resistance to the disease. I don't feel right culling them all and consider it a waste of life if they are still happy to be living. I don't how I could go about rehoming them considering they are carriers. Anyone have ideas?
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    Just make it clear to anyone that your birds are likely carriers but are resistant to the disease.

    Marek's is virtually everywhere so this is my opinion but birds are resistant or not.

    Hey, on a side note, if you have time while there could you try to find a breed/variety called a Black Penedesenca? If you find them, please PM me.
    They originated in Spain and are in Germany, Ireland, US, Canada and Argentina but they are very rare.
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    Can anyone baby sit them for you?
  4. Not sure of the laws where you live, fines can be passed if infected Birds are moved off the property they became Sick on....Your Birds will be carriers for life....Will still be able to transfer Mereks to other Birds......

    Best of luck...

  5. Absolutely do not rehome them. Do not take them off your property.
    What youve went through and are going through is terrible. Im sure its heartbreaking for you and something you wouldnt wish on anyone. So dont. No matter what solution or situation you may find for rehoming them once you do it will then be out of your control. You will be putting others birds at risk and breaking others hearts. It will spread period. Maybe the next family will do their best also but eventually it will spread. Maybe they will end up rehoming them or some of them. Maybe someone will come visit and carry it away. Birds change hands. Birds come into contact with other birds or with people that have birds.
    Carriers are bad because they dont look sick and people dont realize they are but they spread it just the same as a sick bird. I could go on all day but im already repeating myself so i wont.
    Point is if those birds are rehomed you are directly responsible for putting others at risk of having to lose the birds they love. I know that isnt what you want and you must look past the love you have for them and see the love others like myself have for ours.
    Best wishs on your decision.
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