Rehoming/replacing a rooster

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by JaxGrits, Jan 21, 2013.

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    My two easter eggers are 8 weeks old today. We knew about two weeks ago that one of them was a rooster as he would crow once or twice a day. Well, that crowing has become much more frequent and as much as I hate it, we're going to have to find him a new home. We aren't exactly supposed to have chickens as it is so having a noisy rooster is out of the question.

    Because we only have two (one of our chicks died the day they arrived), I'm having a really hard time with this. Our little girl Louise absolutely LOVES her rooster. If I pick up the rooster and walk away with him she comes running full speed behind me, up the stairs and follows me through the house. She is going to be devastated when we give him away. I know we need to get another hen for her probably before we give away the rooster. Would it be best to find one that is around the same age? A chick? A full grown hen? What would be the easiest on her?

    And how do I know that where I'm sending my roo is a good place? I don't want to give him to someone that will eat him. I love that little puffy cheeked chick! I want him to have a good life- very sad that we can't keep him.

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    It would be easier if you can rehome them together, seeing the little girl is so fond of him. But I can't tell you to do that, it's just a thought. Getting a chick more or less the same age as her would help. She'll get used to the newbie eventually and they would get along better if they're the same age.

    Rehoming roosters is difficult. I've sold and given away quite a few over the years and unless you give them to someone you know, there is no guarantee he's not going to get eaten at some point. All you can do is try and try your best. Look for someone who wants a roo for breeding maybe. Good luck!
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    Where are you at I am looking for another EE for breading
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    Jacksonville, FL- wish I was closer to Ohio!
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    I can understand the child wanting the bird, there are threads that talk of decrowing a rooster, one of them used a tie wrap to stop the guy from crowing. Might be worth reading on.
    About a week ago I gave away a rooster I did not want, (RIR about 11 months old (one happy boy he has 14 hens all by him self)) and 2 days ago took in another that I do not want. (want a RIR roo about 9 months old?? animal rescue was going to put him down) A price of $10 or more will keep folks from wanting him for food, But I dont get any responses from CL adds @ $10 myself. If he is really pretty he may sale.

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