Reintroduced a rooster to the flock today...

Charlie Frown

7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
I have 3 roosters. About 3 weeks ago one came up missing. There was no sign of him so I just assumed a varmint got him. Yesterday I was driving past a neighbor's house (about a quarter of a mile away) and saw my missing rooster. He was hanging around the out side of the neighbor's fenced in chicken yard (they have about 20 or so hens and a rooster).

I pulled into the neighbor's drive way. When the rooster saw my a car he came running up to my car. I got out, collected him and took him home.

I have been keeping all three roosters together since I separated them from the 3 hens I have (due to space issues). The pecking order had been well established. We I reintroduced the missing rooster to the pen he began fighting with the boss. I gave them a few minutes thinking they would sort out their differences. They eventually stopped fighting and I went to work.

I came home and went to check on them and they must have had a real battle royal. All three rooster's heads were bloodied. There was no permanent damage done as their spurs are still very small and not set (they are about 9 mos. old). I decided to get up at dawn and check on them.

The "boss" was out and crowing. The other two wouldn't come out of the house. I then decided to go ahead and separate them. I put one in with the hens and another in his own pen.

I honestly didn't think 3 weeks was enough time for the missing rooster to get his courage to fast the "boss". Lesson learned. So now it looks like I am going to have to keep them separated from now on.
What breed are they? As long as they aren't game breeds you will probably be able to put them back together. You might try putting them in in cages next to each other so they get used to each other again or let the 2 that stayed home roam where they normally do and put the roo that ran off in a cage around the other ones so they get used to each other. Either way they are going to fight to establish the pecking order.
Adult rooster rarely get along.. It is often bound to happen whether it be one was isolated or one got caught breeding one of "his" hens. Once the cockerels reach 6 months I keep all roosters in a bachelor pad and have one rooster with the flock. .

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