reintroducing question after injury

Mama Kay W

8 Years
Jul 22, 2011
Northern Idaho
One of my hens a New hampshire tore a part of her comb off. ( She has a very larg comb that flops over) I'm not sure how she did it this time. The first time she tore a small part of it on the fence when she was dust bathing, it bleed a lot all over her head. I seperated her in the coop til it stopped bleeding and cleaned off the blood, and she seemed fine and the other hens didn't bother her ( I have 4 others, 3 RIR and 1 new hampshire) so I kept them together.

A few days later I went out to let them out and found her with a tear across the bottom of her comb with the front part of it still attached, she had a lot of blood all over her head, I let the rest of them out and kept her in the coop and cleaned her up. I have kept her in a dog kennel in the garage for the last few days separated from the other since they started pecking at her head. The comb has stopped bleeding and there is a part in the front still attached but turning black (it's about a 1/16 of an inch still attached and it was about an 1/8 of an inch that was torn almost off the bottom of the comb) I figured it will fall off since it's not getting any blood flow to it.

A few questions, should I keep her seperated til it falls off or reitroduce her to the flock?

And how do I reintroduce her to the flock? Their run is completly fenced in connected to the coop ( I live in northern Idaho and there is too many preditors to let them roam free), I under stand about putting the dog kennel inside the coop and keeping her safe so they can see her again and get use to her but what about at night ( not enough room in the coop for the kennel and it is very cold at night to leave her outside in the fenced in run).

And is there something I can put on the tear? It looks good and clean.
One more question, how cold can a New hampshire handle?

I know it's going to take few days for them to get use to her again but i don't know where to put her at night, it's getting down around freezing at night so I don't want to keep her in the run in the dog kennel by herself. Any ideas?
You could put the kennel in the garage if you have one. I would suggest bringing her inside at night but then you have to reacclimate to the weather do you have an unheated building that you keep her in at night just keep her out of any drafts. If not you could put a tarp over her in the run. It will keep the drafts out and help hold the heat in.

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