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    Dec 2, 2015
    Hi Everyone, Please Help

    I have a flock of 7 chickens ( 6 Hens & 1 Rooster) all different breeds,they all have been fantastic together ( since July) they are free ranging. But I've notice in this last week that my silkie has been alone and not with the rest of them. I've noticed some hostile behavior from the flock towards her but nothing harmful (yet). Why have they rejected her all of a sudden?? The Rooster (cochin) has just started to crow and doing his little dances around the hens, can that be why?


    I started of with 3 chickens early may 1 silkie 2 beautiful small bantam x ( 1 hen & 1 rooster) They were fantastic, late June we changed their coop out to a much bigger coop and a lot more space however in that same period the little rooster became "mature" and showed some aggression towards my son as well as the dogs. 2 days after we discovered the silkie almost pegged to death, she had a massive open wound on her neck. Rooster went bye-bye and we started the long round to recovery with our silkie.

    We got 5 more small chicks a few weeks later , 1 Cochin Rooster, 1 Polish Silkie, 1 Salmon Favourelle, 1 Barred Rock,
    1 Orphington - Total 7 Including our silkie and bantam. As i mentioned earlier they all have been fantastic and our Silkie was a real mother hen to them until now a week or so ago. The Rooster is massive at least 3 x the sizes of the hens. Is he's behavior coming mature triggering a memory with her regarding our previous rooster? Please any advise or ideas would be very helpful, she is my favorite and a real chatterbox oh and did I mention she is also the only one laying eggs.

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    Who's picking on the silkie, unfortunately it's one of those breeds that can be bullied easily and often is, I personally never mix my large breeds with my bantam and never mix silkies with large breeds, they are docile and sometimes don't act normal and they become targets.

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