Relapsing wry neck


11 Years
Jan 16, 2010
Powhatan Va
so my sweet little Dot, SS, who has been doing fine, for a few weeks, has started dropping her head again. She is isolated and I gave her the electro lights Vit E and some poly vi sol. She is eating and drinking a little. None of the others are having any problems. They have been in the coop with the big girls for about 2 weeks, and everyone is adjusting well (adults go off to a quiet corner for a break)
Is she going to keep having relapses, and is there a way to stop it from happening? Anything else I can do for her?
Treating wry neck with thiamine (vitamin B1,) vitamin E, and the mineral selenium are all needed. Selenium is found in eggs, and giving a little chopped liver daily would add B1. E is found in chopped kale or other leafy greens, and in chopped almonds. A good poultry multivitamin in the water plus a little chopped egg daily would suffice. Since wry neck is a neurological symptom that can be caused by head injury, heredity, a vitamin deficiency from outdated feed, or from a diseases causing brain inflammation, the problem may recur or could become permanent. Diseases such as Mareks or avian leukosis can cause it as well. Holding her and trying to feed her wet chicken feed moistened with a lot of water and egg can help to get more into her several times a day
Thanks I will get all of the above. is the liver cooked?
She is very willing to eat, she just started drooping her head this morning. When I separated her she went right to the mash thats a goodthing
Maybe separate them with a mild mannered, easy going chick...
where you know they aren't being hurt... sometimes you fix em up and then put them back with the others and
they get attacked again, and your back to square one...
I also agree with Eggcessive....!
Well the other hens were not attacking her, just going on about their business, but she could not keep up. She is next to a couple of 2 1/2 week old EE, they can see each other. She is still willing to eat the slurry (juice?) and takes the vitamins squirted on her beak. She seemed much worse this morning, but after feeding and watering, she sort of perked up. I wish I could smuggle her into work with me, but would be seriously frowned on.
We have Lady who's neck got hurt by a rooster.... she does what your chick is doing...
so my daughter gets a box, and puts in a thick towel.. and rests her head and neck
on a portion of the towel, (to keep the head up) and kinda tucks it in on her sides, to keep her from moving to
much.... She's now 5 years old, and when she gets stressed out, the neck does this, so
we have to put her in the box and prop up that head... sometimes it fixes itself in a few
days... sometimes it takes 2 weeks... seems the older she gets the longer it takes.
We do have to pick her up and rearrange the towel at times when she moves and her head falls down... but she always seems to do well over night when sleeping...
It's just an idea that maybe some how you can work with.... if you had a small
cage that you can attach water and food to the sides and close to her, where if she
can lift her head she can get water an food and not have to move...
You having to work....makes things a bit complicated....
Hopefully you figure something out....
Besides poly vi sol without iron... we also give her maple syrup.... it helps...!
Seems to give her energy, and helps us to help her straighten her neck up...
Wishing you the best..!
She seems to be on the mend, head up, hungry, not 100% but a good solid 90.
I'll keep on doing what I'm doing. At least she can eat and drink on her own now.
Thanks for all the good advice!

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