Release your stress

Apr 17, 2020
Hello BYC Community,
This thread has been created to release some drama.
Please keep it appropriate.

Last night I was supposed to be sleeping but instead I was texting my friend. This friend shall be called Sam. Well to put it plain, I have feelings for Sam. Anyway we were talking on the phone earlier in the day and then we just decided to text. I had not yet got a profile photo for him and he hadn't got one for me either. So I sent him a picture of my rooster, naturally. I asked him for one and he sent me a picture of two komodo dragons hugging. Anyway after random topics I asked him who the second dragon was. Sam gave me a lot of answers but one of them was me with this emoji - 😏 So after more talking he sent me 😘😘. I was a little shocked and also happy. After more talking we both confessed our love for one another. So we basically sent cheesy love messages after that and I told him at midnight I actually had to sleep because I had stuff to do the next day. Oh and he also called me cute.

I'm sorry you had to read this, I couldn't keep it to myself.
I would love to hear from some of you about your experiences!

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