Reliable brown egg layer?


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Oct 28, 2013
Right now we have a large flock of red sex-links. We have had them about a year and are looking to get a new flock very soon. Does anyone have any suggestions for cold hardy, brown egg laying, reliable chickens? We may just end up getting leghorns, but I would prefer brown eggs. Should we just stick with red sex-links? Thanks!
They are beautiful! I've never had them before, though. I've read that because of their thick feathers, you have to wash off the vent area regularly. Do you have to do that with yours? Just wondering
I second black australorps. Excellent brown egg layers. Other suggestions I would have are Marans. Very cool, dark brown eggs on a steady basis. Rhode Island Reds are also very steady layers. Leghorns aren't the hardiest birds, as their combs get frostbite often and they just don't seem to love the cold. Australorps, Marans, and RIR are cold hardy and healthy layers.
I'll look into Marans and see what I can find, from what I've heard they are really good. I've had Rhode Island Reds before, they are awesome! I think I'll get some of them! We have a leghorn rooster, and poor fella did get frostbite. It wasn't very bad but still
. Thank you all!

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