Remi’s introduction


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Aug 7, 2021
Heyo, I’m Remi!
  1. We’ve had chickens since I was prolly around 7 or 8, and still have them today (I’m currently a senior in high school). After i graduate I’m joining the WWOOFing program where I’ll go on to live on various farms, and then when I’m older I want to have my own farm!
  2. 11
  3. A whole bunch of different breeds
  4. Raising my own healthy, happy animals to provide a sustainable source of food
  5. Drawing n animating
  6. Think I mostly covered that in the first bullet point
  7. I’ve gone here for answers to chicken questions a lot of times over the years, but today I had a specific problem with one of our chicks I really wanted to see if I could get some help on

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