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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by 4kidZ, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. 4kidZ

    4kidZ Fluffy Butt Farmer

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to send a pleasant little reminder that when you list ANYTHING for sale or are making request for eggs/chicks, etc, PLEASE put your City and State or at LEAST State in your post AND SUBJECT LINE.

    This is actually in the sticky rules for this part of the forum, but people have been pretty lax about it lately....and I JUST saw the sticky was JUST updated, but people STILL aren't complying!

    It makes it hard for the people responding, then they have to ask and by the time the poster respond hours and/or days have gone by in which the items could have been in the mail or picked up! Also PLACING YOUR LOCATION IN SUBJECT LINE will keep far way people from wasting time clicking, and pursue the "close" people to click right way!

    Also, this is just a special request, it is not mandatory, but if you are listing eggs/birds, etc., please post a pic of them or the parents. I PROMISE you will get a quicker response, which will then lend to quicker trade

    I love this board...love the info, love the pictures, love buying eggs, and will soon love selling eggs/birds So, please don't take this as a nag, just a way to keep things moving forward and let new people know. That's what the stickys are for

    Thank you!

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