Reminder to read OPS regulations


13 Years
Jul 8, 2007
Yuma, Arizona
Before you even think about starting a new contest, please remember to read the rules and pointers stickied up on the OPS page. It will show you how to make a fun, thriving contest and states the OPS rules.
You can view the thread here:

The OPS usually doesn't much posting traffic, so it is rarely viewed by the Moderators. That is why we all have to keep the rules in mind when starting a new show. Keeping the rules can prevent your contest from being moved or closed

Thanks to all the OPS buddies!

Calm, Rio, calm.

Chookies- This is totally not intended for anyone in particular. Just a reminder. You and most members are doing fine, following the rules, and making great, fun contests. A few newer members might not have seen the sticky, so (I think) Rio just wanted to give everyone a little reminder.

No, It wasn't targeted at any one. I apologize if you felt I was pointing fingers at you, or anyone else on the forum. It was a reminder to everyone incase you are a newbie here, and might have missed it.

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