remote control coop door thread


8 Years
May 17, 2011
A few days ago I stumbled across a thread on these boards about a do it yourself remote control coop door opener. I have spent hours trying to relocate that thread and have now given up and I am hoping one of you experts can redirect me to the thread. The one I am looking for has pictures too.
Thanks -Tamara
I'm bumping this cause I would like to know about this too....
Dang, when you gonna walk out and check on um? If you need to go hi-teck, I suggest ankle bracelets; monitor them on your puter.
someone should make an iphone app for that. The Chicken Locator.

I'd like a remote door too. Open, shut, open, shut, chickens will never know if they are coming or going.
Chicken Man, this wasn't the post I was trying to relocate, but thanks. This coop building is turning out to be quite overwhelming. I realize no coop design is perfect for everyone but there are soooo many more things to factor in than I had imagined.
I have an old garage door opener that has a chewed up gear. I am trying to figure out how I can use it to open and close my door. My only real problem is that I have a side hinged door and not the typical gulitine style pop door. If it were not for that I would already have it figured out. I hope to be able to open and close it from the house with the remote garage door opener. Maybe this idea would work for you?

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