Removing an unwanted rooster

James Gielow

5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
Hello fellow chicken folk,

So, I have this pesky rooster that I should not have on my lot whereas I'm required to have at least a half acre in order to have a rooster. I was on the fence as to what to do with him until he began crowing and attacking me and some of the other girls in the paddock.

I've had enough but don't have the heart to end his life whereas I raised him form a hatchling. That's the trouble with silkies, you don't know what you have until its too late.

So, I've made the decision to sell the rooster. Here's my next question, how much do I ask for? He's a Red Silkie with Partridge mixed in a few lines up. Would I do better selling a male and female as a breeding pair? Here are some photos and thanks in advance for your help!


I ended up with 8 out of 20 chickens as roosters and i sold 4 or them for 8 bucks each (at a garage sale) one i sold as a pair for 15, and the other 3 were dinner.they were light brahma's and pro reds, not quite as pretty as a silkie :) You could try to post him on craigslist and see if he sells. If he does not sell, you could sweeten the deal by adding a girl. He is really pretty. ask however much you think he is worth. Good luck!
That depends on where you live and what the market is for chickens around there. If you do sell him, it should be with full disclosure that he is human aggressive.
Good point Bobby. Although I'm not sure if he's aggressive or if this in normal rooster behavior. When I walk into the paddock, he comes towards me and looks as though he will try to peck my feet. I never let him get close enough to do so. I just get the vibe that he's sizing me up and looking for trouble. I usually just push him away from me with my foot and he backs off. Is that normal roo behavior?
In your first post, you said he was "attacking" you. What was he doing, exactly? Just coming toward you? When I hear the word "attacking", I am imagining him coming at you with spurs and beak, flogging and pecking you. "Normal Rooster Behavior" is a hard thing to pin down. What's "normal" for one rooster, is not necessarily "normal" for another. For example, my roosters get out of my way, never approach me, and have never acted in a threatening manner toward me. For my roosters, that's normal. Not all roosters are human aggressive. I can't even say that most of them are. I don't know. We only hear about those because people are looking for help with them. In my opinion, roosters have to be considered on an individual basis. You don't like your rooster's behavior, find him a new home, eat him, try to train him, or plan on watching your back every time you go outside. You like your rooster's behavior, give him an extra treat now and then and be thankful for what you've got.

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