reopening wound on toe

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    A few weeks ago I cut my hens toe nail, it was really long but I cut way to far down. I used blood clotting on it then and after a day it appeared like it would be fine. Today I noticed dry blood on the roost and found out that her nail was bleeding again, it also looked a little infected....not sure it was very dirty. I washed her feet in warm water and put more blood stopper on it since it was still bleeding rather profusely. I have her separated and I am giving her duramycin for now just in case. Any suggestions? I am tempted to get her to a vet and bandaged up properly since I think she might have to be sedated to get her foot wrapped up properly, she is fighting me every step of the way.
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    A conservative treatment would be to try some epsom salts warm soaks twice a day. This would clean up the toe to see it well, and may help to draw out any infection in it. If you can take her to the vet by all means do that. Penicillin shots is about the only good foot antibiotic you can get at a feed store, but a vet can put her on something stronger.

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