Replacing my current incubator, recommendations?

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    Apr 1, 2018
    my current incubator is OLD. So I’ve been “shopping” for a new one. I’ve found two at a very good price.
    Does anyone have any experience with
    Brinsea USAC25C Maxi II Eco Manual 30 Egg Incubator OR HBlife 9-12 Digital Fully Automatic Incubator (it seems this one is sold under many many names and is the same thing)
    Or do you have a recommendation on a reliable and affordable Bator?
  2. If you hatch 85% or better of your eggs with your present incubator don't swap 'mechanical' hens in the middle of the stream. Don't consider an incubator that isn't forced air and automatic turning. Small 'inexpensive' incubators IMHO don't have enough mass to keep the heating element from working overtime and then peaking out @ extremes like 110 degrees before falling to 90 degrees, then repeating the whole chick killing thing again & again.
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