Reporter looking for Boston-area chickens


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
I'm a food editor, working on a story for Boston Magazine about people who are raising their own chickens in the city and suburbs. I think it's a great example of how people are becoming more aware of where their food comes from.

I've found some folks in suburbs and surrounding towns, but I especially need some help finding people who actually live within the Boston or Cambridge city limits. My understanding is that the practice isn’t technically legal – at least according to the cities' animal control departments. But I could promise anonymity to anyone who wanted to chat.

Thanks so much for your help. As a city resident myself, I really wish I could join you!


When are you trying to put this article together for?

There are various clubs that will be having shows this Spring in the area....that might help you.

I'm in Norfolk...x-boston resident. I didn't have chickens then.

Ah, yes, giving a deadline would probably help!
This is something I need to pull together by the end of next week, so unfortunately, I'll miss the spring shows. Thanks for the info, though.

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