Reproductive tract infection/ spay?


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Dec 31, 2013
England, UK
My pekin bantam has a reproductive tract infection. The vet saw her and gave her a long acting antibiotic injection on Thursday. Saturday and Sunday she was much better,no blood loss, but today she looks rotten again and is bleeding again. Unfortunately I can't see the vet again until tomorrow afternoon due to a public holiday. I think she was hoping the injection would carry her through. If she recovers from this is there any chance it will not reoccur in the future? I am thinking of finding out if she can be spayed.
Egg yolk peritonitis and internal laying are very common in chickens. There usually is no good longterm outcome, but antibiotics can help to extend life. They sometimes will develop ascites or fluid in the abdomen, which may need to be drained occasionally to help with pain or pressure causing labored breathing. Oviduct or reproductive cancer is alo very common, and with bleeding, that could possibly be the problem. Spaying is very expensive, and so is the horme implants. Here are a couple of links to read:

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