Repurposed a solar kiln!


8 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Central Ohio
When I decided to get chickens, and turkeys, I knew I would need a building to house them, so instead of building new, I decided to use my old solar kiln that I used to dry wood in for woodworking. (I can no longer do woodworking, so this was a logical choice.) The problem with this, is the kiln gets to 200*-210* on a good sunny day. (Not good for birds, unless you are cooking them.)
I added a small door to toss scraps, and whatnot in without opening the main gate. This is a covered run, and 8 ft tall, so tossing over the side isn't possible. This run is fenced with 1/2" hardware cloth

This is looking in from the main door, it has a 5 foot by 14 foot storage are where I am standing to take this picture. The coop itself is 14' by 22' with 200 feet of roost, and 60 sq ft of ventilation. Being a former solar kiln it has 4" of insulation in the walls, and 6" in the ceiling and floor, so adding more ventilation was very important.
The run is 40ft by 64 ft, this area is for inclement weather, and when I am away. Notice the picnic shade canopy that was repurposed for them.
It took about 3 weeks for all vegetation to be killed off in this run with 180 baby chickens, and 19 baby turkeys.
This is just a few. They are all between 10 and 12 weeks of age.
I don't technically allow them to free range, but they do have 2.5 acres of fenced in area where they spend most of there day time hours roaming around. This pen is not predator proof, so they are not let out there unless someone will be around much of the day. But I's say they are out in this two and a half acre pen much more then they are not.

I have noticed that many people use a chicken tractor, not me! But here is my chicken truck.
Just kidding, but they do love it when I park in the large pen, they climb all under, and over it. The truck is just over 11 feet tall, and sometimes I will catch the turkeys on top the cab, or perched on the mirrors trying to look at themselves.
They also needed an escape gate to get in to the main pen.
Sorry for the blurry picture, I was about to step on a chicken, and didn't notice the out of focus shot.
The bottom of the perimeter for the run has treated 2" by 10" boards, then hardware cloth buried 24" in a "L" (About 18" down, and 6" out.)
I know for the number of birds I have, the coop and run are very small, (Just over 2500 sq ft.) but starting in early to middle October I will be butchering off about 125 chickens over maybe a 5-6 week period.
And in the coming week or two, I have to build nest boxes for the hens I am keeping. 20 Red Star, and probably 10 others that turned out to be girls instead of boys. And for the girls pleasure I will be keeping 2-3 roosters, including my favorite Red Star rooster.
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