Rescue chicks Big Cx and little chicks adding to flock


10 Years
May 4, 2011
I have a HUGE Cornish Cross (Cx) with two smaller chicks (Black Marans and Black Silkie)- all 4-5 week old-that were dropped off with me after someone's ill-thought out trip to a local farm/feed store (I imagine). I have 3 hens in a large coop (1 Speckled Sussexx and 2 Deleware) and really need to get the chicks out.

My FIRST question, the Cx is SOOO big and the other two so small- Should I integrate the Cx first and wait to add the small ones (giving them more time to grow) or get them all out and acquainted at once.

My SECOND question: I have always read to put the chickens out to roost with the others after all have gone to bed and things will go fine the next morning. Anything I should be aware of when I add the smaller ones to the flock? Of course I am particularly interested in protecting the Silkie (don't know yet if hen or Roo).

Thank you...I have to get this huge Cornish out of the house!
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