rescue horses *before and after pics*

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Mar 16, 2013
i hate when people abuse and neglect horses. i personally own 2 rescued thoroughbreds,

1 is a 12 year old ex-racehorse who got his leg caught in a fence which ended his racing career. He went to a good home at first, but was too over ridden and under fed. he was ridden so much that he would work off his feed before he had time to get weight and was not supervised when fed so he would get run off his feed by other horses. i have now owned him for about 2 years and i am happy to say he has put on A LOT of weight (not TOO much though
). he is now my best horse on the farm.

here is a picture of when i first got him(his name is Circus Tricks aka Charlie) (the feed bag was because he would drop his grain):

here is a picture of him a few months ago:

the second one is a slaughter rescue thoroughbred about 15 years old. i do not know his history. i got him almost a year ago and he was so under weight. he is not ridden often because his legs are FULL of arthritis. when i first rescued him, his legs would pop with every step he took. now he does not pop AS much, but is mostly lunged now except for when my friend comes to ride because she only walks on him.

here is a picture of when i first met him (i named him Eclipse) (he is being ponied by a thoroughbred that was rescued with him, but he went to a differtent home)

here is a pic of him when i first brought him home (the other horse is my Missouri Fox Trotter):

here is him a couple weeks ago:

if you have any rescue horses, please post before and after (if you have after yet) pics!!

**P.S. it may not look like Eclipse is very skinny in the pics because of pic quality, but when i got him, he was almost 500 pounds under weight

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