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    So why did I join BYC? I have loved having access to BYC even as a guest but after recent events have decided to plug into this community for support and advice.

    My experience with chickens so far:
    As a disability educator I began looking into the possibility of having chickens that our clients could interact with and also have the added benefit of eggs. Everything was going well. We had a lady donate to us five young birds. Even with the help and advice on BYC sexing the birds was something we got completely wrong! But more about that in a minute.

    As the birds grew, we thought the largest black Arucana, who seemed to rule the roost was a female... We will never know... One afternoon a friend who was looking in on the chickens found feathers and we never saw that one again :( of the remaining two were definitely roosters and they would fight for top position. There was some semblance or order below them with another mixed breed white one and a smaller Arucana, which we though was a male.

    We got an offer of two chicks and found a home for the two roosters before they started crowing (we are in town, very small a fairly spread out but we don't want to upset the neighbours). We thought strangely that when the large black Arucana disappeared (feared a cat) the mixed breeds took over, seemingly shunning the remaining Arucana.

    I raised the chicks at home in an old rabbit cage, before moving the cage into the coop area at work. It took about two weeks before I couldn't find the chicks... They had been accepted and were roosting with our remaining two chickens (who were more bonded by this time). We were very excited. Thanks to BYC for all the good advice on integration :)

    The weather turned and winter arrived, shorter days cooler nights (I say cooler as I was born and raised in the northern hemisphere - NE England - before migrating to rural Australia). Anyway, the time we would normally expected one of the chickens to start laying didn't come, again BYC helped with info on the effects of decreased daylight. And then the white mixed breed started crowing! We thought this was our only hen, apart from the possibility of the two introduced chicks, still too young to tell. The crow wasn't a convincing crow a first but he found his voice and I knew it was time to find a new home.

    A bad ankle sprain meant getting other staff members to help out with closing up the chickens at the end of the day. Things were going well. On my injury day six I was at a friends for dinner and they mentioned someone was looking for a rooster, it seemed perfect. Until I arrived at work the next day...

    The staff had forgotten to close up the chickens and all we had was a garden full of feathers.... It makes me nauseous to think of it ;( ... We suspect a fox but either way, heartbroken I went to inspect. I looked around the garden to see if any were in hiding, they weren't but I came across a broken freshly eaten Blue chicken egg, as quick as I could on my crutches I rushed to inspect the coop... There in the nesting box were three blue eggs!! So, the Arucana was a hen, I wanted to cry right then. I was so angry and wanted to yell at the staff who had forgotten (fortunately for them and me, they were both off that day). Heartbroken and in shock I drifted through the rest of my day.

    Another staff member mentioned to me she had seen our rooster being rather friendly with the Arucana during the day and when one of our 8 year old clients we invited to go and get the eggs (he'd been looking week after week for the first egg, but had given up) was looking at them he asked the simple question what if there are chicks inside? The thought hadn't even crossed my mind, but what IF there were! We have no idea how old they were!

    Thanks again BYC though I didn't find a thread that had any suggestions without the use of an incubator I gleaned enough to at least try.

    The eggs have now been sat wrapped by a fleece jumper on my electric blanket on my bed for 13 days. I've tried candling before but touch wasn't good enough or the blue colour mixed with the poo stains and the difficulty in making a pitch dark environment in my room was not really showing anything.

    So, after all the sadness and disappointment today arrived. I remembered Anothe torch I could try and whilst snuggling under my covers resting my ankle injury I saw how dark it was... After a lot of hair shuffling (mine under the covers, lol) I held, I shone and for sure two eggs are pretty dark with the air sack filtering in the light! And then my height of excitement for today, I watched and waited with one of the eggs and saw what looked like a vein. I watch and waited like an expectant mum staring at her first scan... And there it was!!!! Moving, tiny movements, defined form! So excited. I've never done this before and can hardly find any supporting info as to hatching eggs on a heat pad, let alone an electric blanket!

    Will there be one or two, or maybe even three? All I know for sure is there is one and I know the early days won't be easy but I owe it to my lost chickens to give this one every opportunity for life.
    Any advice greatfully received.

    I will be enquiring locally if any one has any recently hatched to keep this little one company if they are alone, but if they are not let the nurturing process begin!

    Will post more when hatching time comes :)
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    [​IMG][​IMG] hope you have a great outcome with the eggs. Please let us know either way.
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    Greetings and [​IMG]! Pleased to have you aboard! Good luck with your hatch.
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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] I found and posted on your other thread earlier today, so I'm going to keep it short here. Just saying "hello" again and [​IMG] I'll see you in the Incubating section.
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    Best of luck! [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
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    Follow on the next leg of the Journey in my Incubating and hatching post: The electric blanket nest.

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