Rescued chick. What breed? Possible meat bird?


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Mar 28, 2016
Hi there. I posted a thread a week or so ago about this little chick we ended up rescuing. No idea of breed or gender (the original owner, who tried to let "nature" take its course with this chick by putting it outside after its two mates died, says female but a kind that "doesn't lay eggs ). I'm starting to wonder about it being a meat bird, or potentially sick. It's starting to feather out after it's growth seemed to be stunted for a bit, and it eats and drinks a lot. It moves around quite a bit, but tends to lay to drink, and sometimes does a funny laying, crawling kind of walk to move short distances. We got a second chick to keep it company andthey get along great and often snuggle up and follow each other around. I've still got this underlying fear tho. Including a few pictures taken today as well as a poop pic. Any ideas on breed and it's overall look of health? Thanks!


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The poop looks normal.
It looks like a Cornish cross. Definitely a male.
With Cornish cross, you need to remove food at night when they reach a certain age (I can't remember when) so they don't eat too much, otherwise they can end up with heart issues
Just wondering what makes you so sure about it being male? Thanks!
Thanks everyone. Feeling a bit bummed over the breed, as we never wanted to raise a meat bird, but I guess it's the next step in our "homesteading" adventures. I'm pleased to know what he is as we can now focus on giving him the best life possible with the kind of care Cornish Xs need. Thanks!

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