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May 26, 2020
I rescued a chicken from our friend, our friend rescued her. There was a forclosed house down the street and she said there were chickens on the porch, she only saw 1 chicken when she went, we don't know where the other chickens went. The rescue chicken is named Wanda, she is a old english bantam. I don't know how old she is, but she wobbles a little bit, she wont eat her food, she can see it falling if i sprinkle it but she misses her food, she wont drink alot, she is pooping white sticky poop with a yellow dot in the middle, she doesn't look sick or anything, old age? We got her from our friend because her chickens were stepping on her and her rooster attacked her. So we have a siklie hen who is the SWEETEST chicken you will ever hear about, Wanda was very lonely because she was getting pecked on alot, so our silkie is very nice to her and follows her around. I am just worried that she might have something wrong with her. Can y'all help me with this?? Please? It would help a lot.
Can you post some photos of Wanda, her legs, eyes and her poop?

Look her over for lice/mites, feel her crop to see if it's empty in the morning.

I would first try giving her a direct dose of poultry vitamins like Poultry Cell at 1ml per pound of weight for 2-3 days. Get her drinking first, then offer her some wet soupy food.

The unsteadiness is concerning - check out her legs and the bottom of her feet too for anything like bumblefoot or scaly leg mites. Feel her abdomen for swelling or fluid.

If possible, a video of how she moves may be helpful too, upload to youtube and provide a link.
Thank you all for the information. Wanda my rescue chicken is doing a bit better, she is eating alot which is really good, she is active now, she jumped out of her house inside, and she is happy!! I really just thank God for answering my prayers and for you BYC Members!! You all are so helpful. Thank you.

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