Rescued duck


Jul 28, 2021

I have a single rescued duckling. My friend picked one up from the side of the road seeing its family had sadly been hit by a car. It was only tiny so she brought it to me as I've hand reared ducks before.
This duckling is now a month old and needs a new life with other wild ducks. Even with all the handling I can give it and company etc it is still very much wild. I'm not sure what I can do for it.
It's not going to gel very well with my pet ducks as they are all in a group and I'm not sure how to introduce a single duck that's just about got all its proper feathers I don't want to let the poor thing get hurt.
Any advice would be great! I have been looking into a rescue centre of some sort.
Hello and welcome to BackYard Chickens! :jumpy Glad you joined our community. Everyone here is very kind and helpful.

For now, I recommend that you put in a mirror and/or stuffed animal to help it feel less lonely.
I'm guessing this is a Mallard? If you aren't sure, you can attach a picture and we can ID it.

I would look for a local wildlife rehabilitation center to take it too. They will know how to card for all its needs and provide it with everything it needs so it can safely return to the wild.

Good job taking him in! And good luck
Thank you,
yes definitely a female mallard. I think that would be my best option I can only take it so far.
When it was small it would sit on my lap on my shoulder and nest in my hair but now it's just too big and is fearful of been caught but is absolutely fine once you've got it. I can't believe the difference between a 'pet' duck like a call duck and wild ducks.
Thanks again!

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