Rescued Muscovy duckling! HELP!


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Oct 9, 2012
I rescued a Muscovy duckling on Wednesday, she is a month old and she looks like a week old, I take care of the muscovies in my complex lake, so I keep track of how they are. Carly (as I named the duckling) is Pipa's duckling. Pipa's ducklings are always sooo little, and don't grow much. I rescued Carly from the hawk, the hawk swooped down and attacked the ducklings and Pipa defended them. I realized Carly was acting different. She threw up in the water too. I put my hand in the water and she swam right to me, letting me touch her. It was strange becuz Carly is wild, I haven't ever seen her go up to a human like that. So I tried to grab her, but she ran to the bushes so I ran after her. I grabbed her and I brought her home. I put her in a box with a mirror,water, and Dumor Chick starter unmedicated. She sleeps ALOT, that's what she does all day, if I put her in the bathroom tumb, she sleeps. she drinks and eats a little, she poops a lot ( im sure that's normal). I also took her away cuz her mom doesn't care about her anymore bcuz she has nest with eggs right now so she doesn't care about the ducklings she has right now. Yesterday she left her last duckling (besides Carly) die. Yesterday I let Carly swim around the lake. She was a bit happy to see her birth mom. She took a quick bath, brushed her feathers and went to sleep under the bushes. Why does she sleep so much? By the way she got squeezed by the hawk too, that's why she threw up in the lake. I've been loking for any injuries but she seems fine, she swims, eats, drinks,walks OK. What could be wrong with her? Why does she sleep ALOT?


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Jul 17, 2011
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Greetings and
! Pleased you joined us and nice job on the rescue. You might want to post in the duck thread for more precise advice. See below. Good luck to you!

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