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May 22, 2011
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New Beginnings Poultry NYD hatch availability

BBS Cochin Limited $2 per egg
Rose Comb and Single Comb Rhode Island Red (Underwood Line) $2 per egg or 6+ for $10[/]
Black Langshan Limited $2 per egg
Welsummer $2 per egg or 6+ for $10 or 12+ for $20
Blue/Black Ameraucana $2 per egg or 6+ for $10
Easter Egger/Olive Egger (F1 and F2) $1.50 per egg
Single Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington over Lemon Cuckoo Orp and Buff Orp hens $2 per egg or 6+ for $10 or 12+ for $20
Icelandic Sold Out (MrsMoonCat) $2.50 per egg
Iowa Blue Sold Out (Debs_flock and Wingstone) $2 per egg
Naked Neck Welsummer Project $1.50 per egg
Bantam Langshan On strike
Cuckoo Marans (mostly feather shanked) $2.00 per egg or 6+ for $10 or 12+ for $20
Coturnix Quail $10 for 30
Layer Pen (includes BCM, NN, OE/EE, Buff Orp, Black Australorp, Iowa Blue, Langshan, Ameraucana, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Heinz Layers (just crosses but may be pure. This is my overflow area) $5.00 per dozen
Sussex Light Sussex over Light Sussex and Speckled Sussex. Limited $2.00 per egg

shipping is $13 for 6+, $15 for 12+, or $18 for 18+
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I need hatching eggs for the hatch-a-long. How many or which of the breeds do you offer output show quality birds?
My Exhibition lines are my Rhode Island Reds, Welsummers, Ameraucanas, BBS Cochin, LF Langshan, and bantam Langshan.
How many Light Sussex eggs are available? Do you only sell them a mix of the lights and speckled? Do you know what ratio of chicks might hatch? I'm really interested in lights to put in with my Coronation cockerels I got. I hatched 6 and all 6 are cockerels.
I'm looking for Coronation or Light Sussex hatching eggs before winter hits so I have some pullets/hens to put with these guys in the spring.

I'd also be interested in some Lemon Cuckoo Orps. Are they American or English?

Thank you!!!

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