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9 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Ugh . . . I've got one very sick chicken. Respiratory illness . . . . the hen is completely congested. The cough is very wet, when she coughs. Also she's having trouble breathing. She is breathing with her beak open and is making a wheezing noise when she inhales and exhales. She's been separated from the flock. But I've noticed that one other hen is coming down with the illness.

I know that she needs medication at this point. But which ones? Does anyone have suggestions please.
I should add that I noticed the wheezing breathing this morning . . . and it hasn't stopped. The hen is an EE . . . not even 6 months old yet. She is separated from the rest of the flock by staying in a small cage with a heating lamp.

If its possible I'd like to treat her myself . . . but I do need advice please.
We had the same problem. We called the vet, he sold us Sulfa. We mix it 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. Birds are getting better. Have to do it for 10 days. Same symptoms. Don't eat eggs until 4 days after treatments stop. good luck
You have a very time sensitive situation on your hands. Every minute is crucial and also must seem to her an eternity.. If the vet route is not a possibility you can call Peter Brown at First State Vet Supply (google and it will come right right up). For a very nomial fee he will do his best to guide you and can send you meds but the problem is that this hen does not have time to wait so hopefully the meds area available locally. Unfortunately a lot of vets won't dispense meds without seeing the patient.

I'm having the same problem, but the whole flock is being affected. Will Duramycin work? I picked some up and started giving it by mouth this morning cause it didn't seem like they wanted to drink much out of their waters.
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