Respiratory symptoms? finally figured out best treatment.


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Oct 2, 2012
I wanted to start this thread to hopefully help someone else who is having chickens with respiratory issues...coryza for example. This is for the people who dont want to cull their sick chicks.
I have had a variety of respiratory issues...bubbly eyes, runny noses, sneezing all the way to full blown coryza (extreme rotten odor and excessive mucus).

I started with duramyasin in their seemed to help some what on chickens that had minimum symptoms & prevented others from getting sick. As soon as they were off of it (14 days) some symptoms returned (sneezing, runny noses). So it was a no go.
I moved on to VetRx. It is like vicks vapor rub for people, it did not help except to help them breath easier. I do like this product for its other purposes tho, not useful to cure respiratory disease.
Then i tried sulmet in their water. Its a sulfa antibiotic, so if ur allergic be cautious using it on ur flock. This too seemed to help minimally.
Ok so i did some research and discovered tylan 200. I bought a bottle at tractor supply along with 22 gauge 3/4 " needles & unused syringes. It does not say on the bottle it is for chickens, but it didnt kill mine.
I have standard size half grown pullets so for that size i gave them 1/10 or 2/10 of a cc, depending on severity of symptoms.
For grown standard size chickens i give .5(half) of a cc.
I injected all in the breast, on either the rt or left of the breast bone, nowhere near vital organs. All except 1 pullet, i gave it in her thigh bc she wasnt very fleshy & i didnt have much area to inject into in the chest. DO NOT inject tylan 200 into anywhere except breast tissue! 24 hrs later she had lost function on 1 leg, she has now recovered some use of her leg, its been a little over a week. Tylan 200 is strong & can destroy the small area of tissue where it is injected.
BUT all symptoms disappeared within a couple of days of injections and all are doing well besides 1 chick who was so sick she was near death. Although she is not 100% she is running around eating & much much better.
I wish some1 would have told me about tylan to begin with it would have saved alot of time & money and hair pulling out lol.
Ps if anyone needs to know exactly how to give injections let me know.

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