Respitory issue?


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Oct 8, 2015

Got a rooster a few months old who recently has started making a whistling sound. It comes and goes. See the video below. Is this an infection that we need to treat?


Really? Wow. Never would have thought it. It sure does get annoying after the 5000th time in a given day, so hopefully at some point he'll go back to just crowing every now and then. :)
Only recent change was us taking the number of roosters down from 7 to 2. There are 9 hens so it turned into chaos as the roosters started to mature. Now that there's 2, this one hangs out with the hens he grew up with, and the other goes with the older hens.

So other than feeling like he's in charge of something now, not sure what else could have triggered it.

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