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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by EweSheep, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Hello folks and TXdanemom,

    Thank you for all your emails regarding to my flock of Blue Orpingtons and availablity of eggs and chicks and started birds.

    All my birds are too young....they are already three months old and it would be spring I would be able to sell hatching eggs and started chicks. Right now I am looking into getting a unrelated Blue Orp roo for the girls this year and possibly a Suede son late next year if I am lucky to get one LOL.

    If all things go well, I would be happy to take some of you on my mailing list for hatching eggs starting early or late spring and started chicks in early summer of NEXT YEAR!

    All of these Orpingtons are second and third generation from original Catalupa Grove Farm flock. As far as I know I dont have any Sandhill Preservation in that flock but two tiny baby chicks in brooder that are second gen from Sandhill Preservation...from a guy out in WV. If they are cockerals, they may be reserved for next years breeding....

    Sorry I dont have any Blue cockerals in that might need to check with Speckledhen for her availablity of her eggs if you want them sooner. I might have a few splash cockerals but I am keeping them a bit longer just to be sure they are cockerals once their rump and tail feathers grow back. Contact me if you are interested in white splash cockerals.....

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