Restock the flock


May 6, 2018
West Virginia (mountain momma)
Ive had chickens for about three years now. My original flock of 14 has both shrunk and grown, leaving me now with 15 chickens and 3 guineafowl. Normally much of my flock is picked off by predators- despite our best efforts, they run into the fence until they knock down part of it and walk over it. Last year, I had about five (?) birds when I bought more chicks. This works out for me, as I enjoy brooding and raising chicks, and the ones that make it through the year teach the next generation how to do so effectively. I try to keep only one rooster, this year one of my pullets was a rooster (Henry VIII III) but I luckily didn’t have to dispatch him, because my older rooster died. (rip Henry VIII II) This system works for me, and I thought I’d share it with others, to teach and to help ease the mourning of a dead bird— now there’s room for a new bird.


Aug 18, 2017
Gansevoort, NY
I can’t stand to lose a bird. After all by raising them, it’s my responsibility to protect them.

If I lose a bird I know that I have to fix it, so that it never happens again.

None of my birds are replaceable either, they’re my pets. I also breed and show some so they’re also quite valuable.


Show me the data 👩🏼‍🔬
Dec 14, 2018
The Great Black Swamp, Ohio
I'm sure that many people on this site could help with ideas of enhancing your security. Bringing new chicks onto an unsafe property with the expectation of a high percentage of predator death may be considered questionable animal husbandry to some. If you list out or take pictures of some of your property components I'm sure we could help you to keep the birds that you have and love :) We're here to help!

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