Restoring Courage Event...Viewing party in Big Bear Ca.

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    We'll It's official we are having a Restoring Courage Viewing Party on August 24th at the Big Bear Convention Center, in Big Bear Lake Ca. It will be a great time for people of all walks of life to get together to stand for Israel, at a non partisan, non-political, non-denominational event. The restaurant will be open, We will be viewing the 3 events from Israel with others from around the world. So if you are so inclined and live in the area come join us. more info @ [email protected]
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    Sorry wrong email, it's right now. [​IMG]
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    Sounds like a nice get together!
    Excuse my ignorance, But what is this for again? Restoring courage for what?
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    Quote:It is to show support for Israel, with the UN vote coming.

  5. What are we supporting Israel in doing? It sounds like a neat function but what is the purpose? It's like saying Support the US Goverment! sounds awesome, but in doing what? support them in changing health care? support them in raising taxes? I'm all for America but lay out your purpose.

    I'm thinking this is the statehood for Palestine on the agenda at the UN, but not sure how that threatens Israel. I mean, if the Palestinians accept a UN resolution to declare a state of Palestine, by accepting that decree don't they have to accept Israel, which was also created from a UN decree? And if Palestine finally gets statehood, won't that give them a measure of stability and get them out of Israels buisness?

    Are there any speakers at this event? I'd be curious in finding out more, and how this support will help Israel in the UN.

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