Retiring to a small farm

David and Vivian

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Dec 14, 2020
We bought a 5 acre farm near New Castle, Indiana, and we've started trying to work it. We did good size garden this past summer and will probably expand that bits at a time. A friend gave us a couple of chickens this summer, and they're surviving and laying. Prior owners were never able to keep chickens for a number of reasons, mainly predators. We want to make it through to spring and then add on. Our immediate need is a good coop, which is what led us to this site. The girls have been living in a small urban coop, but that won't be enough for the winter. We aren't great with tools, but we've made some good friends who are, so we should be able to put something together to do right by the girls. Future plans include some miniature goats, miniature donkeys and horses, other small animals. That means building a barn next spring/summer. We look forward to sharing with you. These are the girls, Lucy and Ethel.

Hello David and Vivian! Congratulations on your farm and retirement. This is a fantastic source of information and friendship too! If you have a question, just ask. We all had to learn at some time, so no question is too "newbie." Poke around on the site, and you will find a lot of information and ideas about coops, runs, gardens, animals, and of course, chickens. Welcome and enjoy!

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