Retrying this hatching thing..but differently. I need help.

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Ok I'm using an automatic egg turner this time in my LG. I have silkie eggs but they are small and seem to kinda jar around in the turner. Is that ok, or do you guys do something different with them?

    I also am getting 3 different temps on my thermometers. I've rotated them to rule out hot and cold spots and it appears that the thermometers are just off by around 1 degree. One says 99, another 100, another almost 101. How do I calibrate these or find the most accurate?

    Also, I have a computer fan installed on the side instead of the top, is that ok or should I change it?

    Thanks in advance, after my horrible hatches last spring I swore of hatching, but the bug got me again...I NEED TO HATCH! and I'd really like a good hatch rate. This 20% or below is killing me. So the fan, turner and super accuracy of temps is my attempt at perfection.
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    I'll give you my opinion... don't worry about the temp. Choose one thermometer and go with it. I'd go with the middle one. They're all so close it doesn't matter.

    Do you have a humidity gauge?

    As far as the eggs in the turner go, I'm unfamiliar with LG turners, but are the eggs clacking hard against the sides each time it turns? Or just clacking a bit? If it's just a bit, I wouldn't worry about it. If it's a lot you can use wax paper to shove in there to keep them from moving too much.

    Otherwise, keep a log of what works/doesn't work. Practice makes perfect.
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    I had horrible hatches and I tried a few different things like:

    1. Bought glass thermometers and calibrated them. You calibrate with a glass of ice water, crushed ice and water, put thermometer in aout 2 " and in about 4 min it should read 32 degrees. If not add or subtract the difference and mark on thermometer.

    2. No hatching in eggs cartons, I laid mine on their sides with X on one side and O on another, I hand turned more than 3 times per day.

    3. No wire floor bottom. I took that out and used the reflective heat padding used for making potholders. Shiny side up.

    4. Used a small mason jar with aquarium rocks and cleaned the rocks with equal parts of vinegar and peroxide and rinsed and filled with bottle water half way.

    5. Bought a small hygrometer on ebay used for humidors and calibrated it and it rarely needs readjusting but check it any way. How to calibrate: Tablespoon of salt and a few drops of water in a plastic bag and mix until it looks like spackle. Put hygrometer in not touching the salt mix. Zip bag shut and read in 4-8 hrs. Should read 75% if not some hygrometers can be adjusted and some you add or subtract the difference.

    6. Cleaned my incubator with a vinegar and peroxide mix of equal parts. Wipe dry.

    7. Get your temp perfect before adding eggs and use grocery store one for practice. I have a computer fan so I used 100 degrees in my incubator. Once that is happy then work on the humidity 40% is what I used. I just kept my mason jar 1/2 full with bottled water 1/4 full of aquarium rocks. Every few days I would take out the jar and pour out the old water and put in my vinegar and peroxide and swish around and rinse with hot water ustil there was no funk floating, then filled with bottled water. Even opening my incubater 3,5,or 7 times per day my humidity did just fine. Same with temp but I have a wafer thermometer in a homemade coolerbator. I'm using my styrofoam coolerbator and just adding a small glass dish with a few wet rocks makes my humidity go way up that is why it is important to test before.

    Last but not least, read and reread anything on incubation by BYC member pete55. He explains alot and has great pics. Now I weigh my eggs and mark the aircells and it has made a huge difference. My scale cost $15.00.

    My first ever hatch I hatched 3 chicks. Hatch #2 zero hatch rate Hatch #3 zero hatch rate Hatch # 4 10eggs in lockdown=10 chicks hatched! I hope I haven't confused you and I hope this helps.[​IMG]
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    Quote:My bantam eggs fit fine in my turner are you sure you don't have goose racks in your turner. I'm not being mean, I almost bought the wrong one. Its just something to look into. My silkie eggs also fit fine.
    As for your horrible hatches here is a trouble shoot publication and incubation publication I found from the MSU (or Mississippi State University)

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