Returned from the dead

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    OK, not quite a Lazarus story, but I had a yard fowl which seemed to deteriorate before my eyes. First it looked like it had a limp, and almost within minutes it's legs had given up the ghost and they were behind it as in when they die. Although it was still breathing, and resting on its ribs. Using its wings to stop it from rolling over.

    My first instinct was to cull it to save it distress, as it looked as if it was gasping for breath to a certain extent.

    None the less I isolated it from the other chooks, as it is certain it would either have been pecked or mated to death. The Roosters are beyond the pale.

    The next day whilst expecting to see a bird full over on it's side legs extended and very dead. But not so. Whilst still tending to rest on it's "elbows" it was up, moving around tentatively, and had cleaned a semi circle of food.

    I have maintained it in a confined location to enable it to pick up further, and it is now up on it's feet and looking about 75% back to normal.

    In the 6 years or so I have been keeping chickens I have not seen a recovery like this.

    Has anyone any ideas as to what may have transpired with the bird in the first place?

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