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    Well it's hatching season again and I haven't hatched anything in my LG 9200 in almost 2 years because my lovely ladies have been doing just fine by themselves. So, I decided to pull some eggs from the ladies this week and give it a shot again. I dug the trusty LG out of the storage building (which I've used on at least 6 hatches), dusted it off, plugged it in ....................... And nothing. I was shocked, because even though most people say they are junk or unreliable mine has been outstanding up to this point. ANYWAY, to make a long story short I decided to buy the newer version 9300 just to give it a try. I already have an auto-turner and just happen to have a spare computer fan laying around. So I swung by TSC and was pleasantly surprised that it was only like $50. Got home and my old egg turner fit perfectly and it heated up quickly and was simple to set up. So far it appears much better than the 9200 because of the automatic thermostat and built in Temp/Hygrometer. The only thing lacking is a fan. I looked up the fan kit online and it's way more expensive than I'm willing to spend on a fan. Especially when I've got a perfectly good one right here. Also, I found an old cell phone charger, stripped the wires, plugged in the fan and it worked. Unlike the 9200 this one does not have a open space to put a fan as large as the one I installed. So I simply attached it to the top to the heating element using 4 screws and 4 rubber grommets. Then ran the fan wire through one of the vent holes and plugged it in. I added a small piece of mesh that I cut from the mesh floor in my old LG and used it to protect the chicks from getting decapitated. It's been running now for roughly 4 hours and the temp and humidity and has been steady at 99.5 and 50%. I plan on setting 18 eggs tonight, so I'll keep everyone posted :)



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    Good luck :thumbsup
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    Well I ended up with 10 fertile eggs and 9 of them hatched!!! So the fan seemed to do great and now I have 9 beautiful LF Cochin chicks. However, I have one issue that has me stumped. I have a chick that was the last to hatch (late on day 22) and all her feather were stuck to her after hatching. We've encountered this before and it was late so I decided that I would clean her off the next morning when I woke up. Well, I woke up on day 2 and checked on them. She was breathing really heavy and would NOT stop chirping. Prior to this she had been drinking and pecking at the food just like the rest. I DO NOT buy from hatchery's or online and ALL these chicks came from hens that I've had for at least a couple of years as well as the Rooster. I initially thought Coccidiosis?? but can't for the life of me figure how?? I've never once had any issues with any kind of respiratory infections with any kind with this flock. I am absolutely certain that the temperature is fine and the other chicks all act perfectly normal and look healthy. It is currently day 5 and she is still heavy breathing and doesn't appear to have grown at all. She appears to be drinking, but I've worked all week so not sure how often. Everyone in my family always washes their hands before and after handling them (I am very strict about this) and they have not been in contact with any of my flock yet. I have the brooder lined with paper towels and I keep fresh food and water in there everyday. And have cheked the food for mold. Am I missing something ???? Is it possible she's aspirated ???
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    Well unfortunately when I got home she was dead. I hate that because she was so sweet. [​IMG]
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    The biggest challenge with the all in one heater/fan units is they will always throw more air to one side depending on the rotation. There was a 3 degree difference between opposite sides of my genesis1588. I purchased 3 - 20mm computer fans with guards, glued them together and placed them on the hot side of the genesis. What had previously been a 3 degree temp difference now became a 0.3 temp difference. Discounting the infertile eggs, I had a 100% hatch.

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