revisiting the upside down tomato planter-results


10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
upstate NY
Ours was doing well, i had put in a sweet 100 and a regular plant in the one planter. Both were growing well, and then it hit...the tomatoe blith. It killed my regular tom plant but not my 100's...but as the end of August approached, it finally die. We got a bunch of the little toms.

So, will we do it agian next yr?....sure we'll try it again. I don't think it was any better than growing them in the ground tho.

Any one else?
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It seems no one ever gets it to go better in those things. Here I have a raised bed, but I've also had great crops out of 5 Gal buckets, 1 tomato per bucket.
My tomatoes in buckets grew great - if I watered them every day. The bucket dries out SO much faster than the actual ground does.

Thanks for posting about the upside down thing, cos I was curious. Guess I'll just keep doing it the regular old way.

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