Rhode Island Red 12 weeks, pullet or roo?


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Jun 17, 2016
Adrian, MI
Purchased some production RIR's from TSC. Supposed to be pullets, but 1 got red before the other. We named her Rosey, and Rosey has recently started making what sounds like a sick beginning of a crow! What confuses me is that both RIR's seem to have same body, legs and feathers, just different comb/wattles and now Rosey's new call. What do you guys think?
Ms. Rosey


Ms. Big Mama
Could be a fast maturing pullet. It's not unheard of for Production Reds to start laying at 16 weeks.

I was wondering the same thing. What threw me is that they look the same body wise, feathering color, leg color, etc. Its just that red comb/wattle thats different. I thought maybe the weird sick call may be the start of an egg song or something too. Its like one long, hoarse "baaaaaaaaalllllwk".
Hmmm that is interesting. Definitely suspicious though with those wattles. My two RIRs that I got from TSC are a bit older and definitely don't have anywhere near that amount of wattles and comb, much more like your other Red. But it doesn't seem to have a rooster stance either..... Definitely interesting, you've got to update us when you find out the gender for sure.

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