Rhode Island Red Bantam Hatching Eggs

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    One dozen RIR Bantam Hatching eggs. These eggs come from two breeding pens, one with three hens and a cockerel that took BB and Reserve Champion SCCL at the PNPA show in October, the other with two hens and a half brother to the champion. $40.00 per dozen includes shipping, local pick up, $25.00. I ship on Mondays for Wednesday or Thursday delivery and all eggs should be no more than 8 days old on delivery. My fertility at home is better than 95% but I can't guarantee shipped eggs.
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    I drive up to battleground weekly almost! Oh that would be fun to get some bantam RIRs! at least I know where you are now [​IMG]
  3. budsbirds

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    I drive down to Corvallis and Eugene quite a bit as well.
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    Jan 22, 2012
    What line of birds are these?

  5. budsbirds

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    Underwood and Padgett were the original stock

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