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    So much has been shown and written about Heritage Large Fowl, Plymouth Rocks, New Hampshire’s, Delaware’s and The Real Rhode Island Reds the kind raised in the 1940s and 50s I got a message from a lady who had to down size because of the economy and has no room for large fowl any more.

    She asked Where can I get Rhode Island Red bantams I live in the west coast area. My husband made me a four foot by eight pen with a two story coop above that is three feet by four feet. The chickens can go down a ramp to the ground and then walk or fly back up to the coop when they want to roost or get out of the bad weather. We have a nest box on the side about one foot by three feet with a lid on the top so I can get the eggs outside the coop. My husband made it so it slides on the ground with 4x4 inch runners and I can move the pen to fresh grass by myself with my lawn tractor. It is a neat set up that we got ideas from the Back Yard Chickens Forum site.

    Now can you show me pictures of what Rhode Island Red Bantams look like? All I had before the down sizing of our home and buildings is Hatchery Rhode Island Reds. Are they different in color than hathcery reds? Mine where light orange Rhode Island Reds or Commercial the type. How much do the bantams weigh. How big are their eggs? Do they go broody? Are the roosters loud when they crow? My production roosters where mean and attacked my children. Do the Rhode Island Red bantams have the meanness in them like my old roosters I got from the feed store? Need bantams and want R I Red kind.

    I hope you can help me.

    Trapped in the city. Susan

    Ok out there let’s see if we can help this lady out who still wants chickens but does not have room for a big chicken house and large fowl. Can you show us pictures of Rhode Island Red bantams and also educate others who may be in the same situation as she is.?? https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=36770

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    I don't have any bantams, but I look forward to seeing pictures of others'. It sure sounds like this lady had a bad experience with hatchery stock in the past. I have heard others say that, also.
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    I believe that hatcheries serve a purpose, but also find it unfortunate how they have manipulated poultry today. I was astonished when I saw pictures posted on BYC of REAL Rhode Island Reds. WOW! They are beautiful! Thank goodness for the hard work of those breeders who value maintaining the integrity of heritage breeds!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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