Rhode Island Red Cockerel?


In the Brooder
Nov 4, 2015
We believe this is a 8-week old RIR male. Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
Actually, (s)he is our first chicken; we've just not been able to pick it up 'til now.

That looks like a Roo to me, sorry
We are not sorry. This is our first male and we want babies. A neighbor has requested two chickens.
If he (Reggie) had turned out to be a pullet, we'd likely have brought home a Buff Orp. we saw at the local feed store.
Thanks, Michael. We had a chance to observe him today. He is all male. He walks and stands differently. Can't wait until he matures.

Totally a roo! I have other RIR pullets and one cockerel the same exact age. The girls don't even have a red comb at this age. My cockerel looks completely different from my pullets and he looks exactly like yours.

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