Rhode Island Red Smell & Size


Jun 10, 2022
I have one Rhode Island Red that is 8 weeks old. She feels much skinnier/bonier than my other breeds. Is that normal for a RIR?

Also, she is the only one of our chicks that has a smell to her: she smells just like tomato/spaghetti sauce lol. She seems healthy and she has had that smell since she was small. Anyone else experience a smell with your RIR?
I used to have 5 RR hens and I never noticed a off smell to them, just the normal chicken aromas. I’m not a RR specialist I had just had the RR and a beige colored hen given to me along with two game roo’s and another beautiful rooster. He was white with black and shimmery turquoise feathers when the sun shined on him. We called him Mr Sexy. He was a sweet Roo that took good care of his ladies. I was given a chicken coop with them. That is what got me into chickens. I’m sure there are more chicken people on here that can help you. A lot of knowledge and expertise among them.

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