Rhode Island Red?


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He's probably pure hatchery quality. Honestly, he's very light bodied for a "good" RIR, but at least he's got the darker red coloring. Not the true mahogany they're supposed to have, but almost no hatchery birds have that.


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Hi, I responded in your other thread about your pullet. This bird is very far from a "pure RIR". His type could not be further from the standard. He is extremely, extremely thin. Reds are supposed to be hefty, brick shaped, dual purpose birds. Your bird is extremely thin and scrawny. He has no depth to him whatsoever and his breast is almost nonexistent. His back slopes down at a dangerous angle, when it is supposed to be flat. His body is just so, so tiny. His wing doesn't tuck well at all and he holds it way down. His comb has far too many points and looks like it flops over. Not to contradict donrae, but his color is not "darker red". The standard calls for a deep, rich mahogany color. I don't see that on your bird. I see classic hatchery coloring, definitely not "darker red". Also, the coloring should be consistent, which definitely isn't the case with this bird. His tail is at a 60 degree angle from the back when it should be more like 20 degrees. His tail is not full but it might fill out later. His legs and feet are very pale.

Here is what a good RIR cock bird should look like when mature:

This is a good color for a RIR:

Compared to yours:

I apologize if anything I said was insulting. I really don't mean to be. I just think people deserve to know the truth about their birds. It is important to learn about the standards of breeds so you can be well educated and informed. The only thing worse than having a crummy bird is thinking that it is better quality than it actually is.

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