Rhode Island reds and light


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Aug 4, 2014
Hi everyone. I recently read somewhere that Rhode Island reds need a lighted coop. Is there any truth to this,and why? If it's true will a lighted coop affect other breeds in my flock?
Did they say why? In this respect your RIR’s are not any different than any other chicken. You wonder where some of this stuff gets started. It was good you asked.

The only reason I can think of lighting the coop is related to laying. Hens of any breed or any crossbreeds normally quit laying and molt when days get shorter in the fall. Some people use lighting to extend the daylight to prevent them molting so they will continue laying eggs through the winter. Commercial operations do that but they also find that the hens slow down after about a year of solid laying no matter what you do with the lights.

Pullets in their first year of laying often skip the molt their first fall/winter and continue laying through the winter, no matter what you do with the lights. But they may cut back some. It can make sense for some people to extend the light if they have a flock that will quit laying and they want the eggs. But that applies to any breed or cross, not just RIR.

By the way, the hens need some dark time too. Continuous light can have a bad effect on laying and egg quality.
That's what I was thinking but wasn't sure. Thanks for getting back to me.

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