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Sep 16, 2008
I got 8 chicks 20 weeks ago and since they have been growing I have noticed half look different. They were all suppossed to be Rhode Island Reds, but as you can see in the pictures there are these lighter colored one's. I researched and all I could come up with was Shaver Reds? I also have noticed that they are the only was laying eggs so far ever though the darker colored birds are bigger.

It looks like you have Golden Comets and some RIR's. They look very similar when they are chicks. I have both and love the Golden Comets just as much as my RIR's. The golden's will also lay large, brown eggs for you.
ok so one of those 2 what's the difference with what they call Shaver Reds? Also would it be too soon to tell if I have a rooster?
I've never heard of Shaver Reds before, but the Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comets, Golden Reds, etc... are all pretty much the same. They are a hybrid/sex-link chicken. Now about the rooster. At 20 wks. old you should definitely be able to tell if you have a rooster in the bunch or not! He should be actively trying to mate with the hens, crowing, and have a large comb and wattles by now. If you had one in the group, you'd know it.
Thanks for the info I am new to all this and still learning. I am puzzled about the egg laying because I seem to be getting 2 eggs one day and three eggs another. It started out that a new one would come 3 days and then 3 more days another but it's been almost 2 weeks and nothing new. I was told with the 8 birds I should get 7-8 eggs a day.
My "Rhodies" don't get into the full swing of things until about 24 weeks. Before that they are not very consistent and often the eggs are smaller than normal. It does take them a bit to come into full production. But once they get going, my girls each give me an egg 6 days out of 7. Occasionally they give me 2 in one day! I rarely get a nonlayer.

I'm thinking yours are just a bit young yet is all.

Shaver Reds, Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comets, Golden Reds, Red-Sex Links, pretty much all the same bird, a hybrid, bred for egg production, which is why they are the first to lay. Each hatchery has their own name for them. None of those will be boys.
They look exactly like my red sex links, who may or may not have a fancy sexlink name like Cinnamon or golden comet. That coloring says they are definately girls. If one was a rooster, you'd know it by now. My sexlinks layed eggs between 17 and 19 weeks old.

We also have some that are supposed to be rhode island reds, and 4 out of 11 definately look like full bred RIR's.. but the 7 others have some other mix in them. They are 17 weeks old, and still don't look close to laying yet. So don't fret if your RIR's arent yet laying. Sexlinks are bred to start producing eggs earlier.
Thanks for all the responses. I think I got another layer this morning cause one of the eggs was really small and very light colored. I also got to see the other hen lay her egg it was pretty cool as I opened to door to check for eggs she was in the nesting box laying.

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