Rhode Island Reds


5 Years
Mar 28, 2014
We got our RIRs this spring and they are laying 1 egg every 24 hours. We really love them!! They are a bit skiddish but let us handle them. We load them up in the back of our SUV (on a blanket of course) and take them to my parents garden to eat grasshoppers, etc. It's amazing to see them seem to know where the grasshoppers will land. They are right on them.
We initially had issues with them jumping the fence and wandering in the neighborhood. But this virtually stopped when they started laying well. We did have to clip the flight feathers of one.
Has anyone had full grown house cats kill or try to kill you're medium to large size breeds?
Wow, your chickens get a field trip to Grandma's garden? That's awesome! LOL

There are some stray cats around where I live, and I can say that they've never even tried to grab a full grown chicken.

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