RI problems?

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    Ok heres how it goes. My aunt has a bird got from Ideal...One of them has a what seems like a RI..Anyhow when the chick was 4 weeks she began treating her with antibotics in her water. Now 4 weeks later she still has these symptoms..

    Here is what she does.

    She sneezes not all the time just every now and again.
    She somtimes slings her head.
    And breaths alittle harder then the others do.

    No nose discharge.

    So does she have an RI if so wouldn't it have killed her?
    Does she need a stronger Antibotic and what would you give? What is the best Medication for this...Without costing an arm and a leg for it. (On a tight budget)
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    what antibiotic is she giving?

    I use Tylan 50 injectable for RI.
    found at farm/feed stores in the livestock section.
    smallest syringes and 22-25 gauge needles.

    check the nostrils and make sure they're clear.
    what is your aunt using for bedding?
    could just be the chick has been pecking at bedding, and is irritated, or something stopping up a nostril..
    what sort of waterer is she using?
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