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    I have a 10' x 20' pen for 11 ducks that is made from a dog kennel attched to a 4' x 8' duck hut of the ground. On the outside I have chicken wire as well as hardware cloth attached to the bottom 4 feet. They have access to a large pond all day but started putting them up at night when I lost some ducks to predators 2 winters ago. I was putting straw down but as most of you have found it is not an easy substance to clean up especially here in OH where we have had so much rain so I need a better solution.
    I was wondering if I use these rice hulls will I need to add an additional barrier, or will my three layers of fencing be enough to keep the hulls from blowing out of the pen. In addition do I need to put something under the rice hulls as well, and finally how deep do you suggest the layer of hulls to be to work best?
    Thanks for any additional advice. Eileen

  2. I have river rock and some sidewalk blocks down in my run....Easy to hose off...My 10x10 dog run is sloped so all poop runs under the rocks....
    In my Dog house/Duck house I use pine shavings in the summer and straw during the winter...

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