Ridgeback goat?


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO
I have 2 what I was told were African Pygmy goats. The interesting thing is that they both have a ver pronounced ridge of hair from their necks to their rumps, similar to a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. It is longer and curly. Is this normal?
In this video, you can see the ridge. No, it's not raised hackles, it's always like that. The black one has it too, just harder to see.

Just click on the pic and it will start the film
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Just wondering, their mom didn't have it and dad usually had his hackles up about something, so I never noticed!
I was wondering, I knew they were called AFRICAN Pygmys, and I have heard of Nigerian Dwarfs, but no Rhodesian Ridgebacks!
They just turned 2 months old on 4/2. Hopefully the little black one will grow some more soon, so she will stop walking through the fence mesh!
Yup, perfectly normal

And, if you have field fencing (the large squares) it will never hold a Pygmy. Or if it does, they'll constantly be getting their heads stuck in it (esp if they're horned)
The longer hair along the ridgeline is normal; it's usually most pronounced in the longer winter coat and on intact bucks (who almost always have it -unless their coats are trimmed).

Are those does, bucks, or wethers?
The black one (Peewee) is a doe and the white (Boots, or BooBoo) is a wether (or will be once they finally drop off!)
Peewee was half BooBoo's size when they were born. She was smaller than a banty cochin hen we had in the same pen! (and the silkie)

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